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It's a common concern that many clients express when they first approach us. However, the fantastic news is that our photographic experiences don't hinge on your dog being exceptionally well-behaved. Your pet is perfect just the way they are!

Rest assured, every photo undergoes meticulous editing, ensuring that any traces of a leash are seamlessly removed so that you won't even know that your pet was on a leash!

With my extensive experience, I've worked with pets of various behaviors and temperaments. During our consultation appointment, I take the time to gather comprehensive information about your pet, ensuring that our session is tailored for success.


What if my pet needs to stay on a leash during the session? Rest assured, your pet's safety and comfort are my top priorities. Whether your pet needs to stay on a leash due to personal preference or location restrictions, it's not an issue at all. In fact, most of the pets I photograph are on a lead throughout the session. Just be sure to bring along a leash to the session, as some locations may require it. During the editing process, I'll seamlessly remove the leash from the final images at no additional cost. To make the process smoother, I recommend using a thin leash. With my professional editing skills, you'll hardly even notice that your pet was on a leash!

Does my pet need to be well behaved and well trained? Not necessarily. While some of the dogs featured on my website may not be fully trained or obedient, it's not a requirement for our sessions. Your pet doesn't need to worry about following sit or stay commands perfectly. My camera is equipped to capture fast-paced moments, so there's no need for your pet to sit still for extended periods. Additionally, I have techniques to capture your pet's attention during the shoot, even if they don't respond to basic commands. While basic training can be helpful, it's not mandatory. With experience owning three dogs and pet sitting various breeds, I'm well-prepared to handle different behaviors. If your pet has specific behavioral issues or discomfort in new environments, please let me know in advance. I'll take the time to ensure they feel comfortable and relaxed during our session.

How many pets can participate in the session? Each session includes up to two pets. There's an additional fee of $50 per extra pet, which will be credited towards your purchase during the ordering appointment. Bringing more pets means more images to choose from, enhancing your selection during the ordering session. I've had the pleasure of photographing up to 3 rescue pups together! While capturing them all in a single image can be a challenge, I utilize editing techniques to seamlessly merge multiple shots.

Can I be included in the photos along with other family members? Absolutely! While the session is designed for your beloved pet, I encourage clients and their families to participate in the photoshoot, showcasing the love and connection you share with your pets. Capturing the special bond between people and their pets is something I deeply cherish. During our planning appointment, we'll discuss your preferences for the images and whether you'd like to be included in them as well.

Do you photograph any other animals besides Dogs? While I primarily focus on photographing dogs, capturing their unique personalities and special moments, I'm open to discussing any specific requests or ideas you may have. Your satisfaction and the happiness of your furry friend are my top priorities.

How does a session with you typically works? It all starts with a friendly chat to ensure that we're a good match. Feel free to explore my website to get a sense of my style and approach. Next, we'll schedule a planning appointment where we can discuss your pet's personality and preferences, plan the session details, select a location, and set a date. When the session day arrives, be sure to bring along plenty of treats and your pet's favorite toy, and most importantly, be ready to have a blast! It's more like a fun playdate with your pet, filled with laughter and joy. About one to two weeks after the session, we'll reconvene through a video call for the ordering appointment and the exciting reveal of the images we captured together. You'll be delighted as I present a heartfelt slideshow of your cherished moments, and together, we'll explore various wall art options to showcase your images beautifully. Once you've made your selections, I'll meticulously edit each image, ensuring they are flawless and reflect my unique style. For sessions involving multiple pets, I may blend two or more images together seamlessly. You can expect to receive your final masterpieces approximately 4 to 6 weeks later.

Do you only do outdoor sessions? Currently, we focus solely on outdoor sessions. We believe there's a unique magic in capturing your special moments with your beloved pet amidst the splendor of the great outdoors. It allows us to create stunning, timeless photographs that perfectly encapsulate the bond you share with your furry friend.

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